Why did you choose the name "Lost and Found"?


More Than a Name

The name Lost and Found is, in a way, indicative of how outsiders have discovered Indianapolis upon arrival. A city full of great restaurants, museums, parks, and most importantly, a tight-knit community with a shared vision of not only urban expansion but a deepening of roots into our multifaceted capital.

To consider this “fly-over country” as lost is to be oblivious of our year of year growth and citizen-led improvement. Indianapolis has found itself, and the country is taking notice.

A City on the Move

Even first-time visitors can see Indianapolis is a world-class event city. According to a study commissioned by Visit Indy, 28.6 million visitors came to Indianapolis in 2016, resulting in an economic impact of $5.2 billion.

With the addition of tech companies like Rook Security, Salesforce, and several others, the metro area is being redesigned with a focus on accommodating downtown residents with easy access to shopping, restaurants, and entertainment.

If you already live here, you get it. When I meet someone who just moved to Indianapolis, they frequently say something along the lines of “I had no idea this what Indianapolis was like!” Perhaps it’s been our modesty over the last few decades, but I think we are seeing a change in this mindset. I want everyone to experience the cultural milestones our city is accomplishing. Come try our restaurants, visit our shops, come to school here, launch your company. This city is as much a blank canvas as it is a completed piece.

Joining the Fold

In light of this growth and by a deep desire to join the fold of development, Lost and Found is proud to serve in every possible industry working to develop this "No Mean City" into the 21st-century crossroads it was born to be. We hope to serve our first event by early June but already have our sights set on the rest of 2018 and beyond.